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Protect Your Cargo with TY-GARD 2000

Prevent freight damage, minimize injury and liability, and reduce shipping costs with TY-GARD 2000, the industrial strength cargo restraint system. TY-GARD 2000 is specifically designed to provide lateral and longitudinal cargo securement, enabling shippers to transport general cargo and hazardous materials safely in multi-modal shipping environments. Our load securement system is the economical and easy-to-install solution that protects your valuable products in transit. BDP International is the exclusive representative for Colombia.

TY-GARD 2000 consists of 16 inches wide flexible bands reinforced with industrial strength fibers pre bonded with a patented adhesive, delivering high strength, low peel, and excellent cold weather resistance.

TY-PATCH 2000 coated with our pressure sensitive adhesive welds the system together. Installation requires only a bonding roller and a tensioning tool. No nailing, bolting or sawing is required.

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